Coaching Works. Period: The Science & ROI Behind Powerful Coaching


Coaching works.

It works for…

High Achieves & Not-So-High Achievers…

Managers & Employees

Moms & Dads (& Teenagers)

Students & Teachers

Entrepreneurs & Pastors

Perfectionists & Mistake-ists

Dreamers & Doers

Everyone & Anyone

After experiencing the power of coaching
in my own life, a
nd in the life of my
clients, I know it works.

I know you do, too.

As a coach, you see…

Lives and businesses change
as individuals handle their
greatest challenges

for good.

High-achievers raise their bar
and not-so-high achievers do things
they never thought possible.

Executives form incredibly effective
teams and meet impossible deadlines.

People start living in their sweet spot,
fulfilling their perfect role, finding their
life’s work, their purpose, their destiny.

but at the end of the day,
you can’t expect your client
to take your word for it.

Coaching is powerful,
but only if the client is committed.

And in order to create happy-paying,
high-paying clients who are totally
committed to the process,
you must be able to confidently answer
any questions potential clients have
during your free coaching session,

Do you have proof coaching works?
Why should I get a coach?
Does coaching work?
Coaching is just a fad… it’s not a REAL profession.



By understanding the science and ROI
behind hiring a coach, you will be
able to speak to potential clients
from a place of confidence,
knowing that your work is
validated by hard-data.

I’ve also included a script below you can practice
with that I use to inform my own clients of
the power of coaching.

According to a study done by the
International Coaching Federation,
The results speak for themselves.

Coaches are primarily hired to…

Percentage Reason For Hire
85% Serve as a sounding board
85% Improve time management
78% Motivate & encourage
74% Offer career guidance
74% Offer business advice
68% Create deeper self-awareness
62% Create smarter goal-setting
57% Help lower stress
53% Improve self-confidence
51% Mentor
47% Serve as a business consultant

As a coach, your job is to keep your clients
accountable to living in their greatness.

It is important to note that your job
IS NOT to suggest solutions or give advice.

It’s to REALLY listen to the ideas they
create and courageously ask questions
that lead to deeper insight & exploration.

IT IS NOT to tell them what to do
and when to do it.

It’s to be curious and empower them to better
manage their time by prioritizing the tasks
that are meaningful for them.

IT IS NOT to beat them down with a
verbal stick when they mess up.

It’s to encourage and challenge them to
push further, aim higher, and keep going.

(NOTE: One problem with these numbers is that,
although coaches understand what makes coaching
unique, the coachee usually doesn’t. This is
probably why 51% listed hiring a coach to
mentor, when in reality coaches don’t
mentor, consult or give advice,
they coach.

Of the coaches who were surveyed, almost all mentioned
that over time, their focus shifted from what they were
originally hired to do…

(That’s mostly because the outcome clients
initially hire their coach for isn’t the real
outcome they desire. The real outcome
is usually 
unearthed during the
coaching process.)

Clients (both individuals and businesses) also reported
the following outcome and results…

Percentage Outcome
80% Improved self-confidence
73% Improved relationships
72% Improved communication
70% Improved work performance
67% Improved life/work balance
61% Improved business management
57% Improved time management

And of all those who took part in the study…

Percentage Response
99% Satisfied with the overall experience
96% Would repeat the process
86% Companies that made back at least their investment
68% Individuals that made back at least their investment

These are some pretty craaaaaazzzzy numbers.
But it doesn’t end there.

According to a study done by the
Harvard Business Review…

…Almost half (47%) of the businesses hire
coaches do so in order to develop high-potential
employees and executives over the span
of 7-12 months, and are willing to pay
anywhere from $200 to $3,500 an hour…

(So if you’re afraid to charging a higher price,
there you have it.)

What is incredibly insightful about this study is the
“qualities” businesses listed when
looking for a coach…

Percentage Qualities Sought In Coaches
65% Experience coaching in a similar setting
61% Clear methodology
50% Quality of client list
32% Ability to measure ROI
29% Certification in a proven coaching method
27% Experience working in a similar role as the coachee
13% Experience in psychological training

(Coach! If you’ve been feeling a bit insecure
about your lack of certification or
background in psychology,
you’re in luck.

Although I recommend getting certified,
it’s not necessary in order for you to
begin coaching.

Gain experience. Use a methodology.
and start building relationships now.
learn more about becoming a coach
in our private community at

Sayyy Whaaaa??? Yeah…

Coaching works.

It worked for the 99% who were satisfied
with the results they received.

It worked for the 86% who said they
made back at least their investment.

It worked for 80% who gained an
increased self-confidence to pursue
deeper, more meaningful work.

Coaching just plain works.

It opens up possibilities that have been
closed to you for too long.

It gives you permission to be honest about
how you feel and what you think.

It empowers you to be fully committed to
who you want to become.

There is a real change that takes place.

It’s a thought-provoking self-examination
that creatively empowers clients to
move forward in life and business
with confidence.

And because coaching focuses on maximizing potential,
coaches are highly sought after by big businesses,
driven entrepreneurs, and anyone with a vision
too big to sometimes believe.

That’s the power of coaching.

That’s what you do.
That’s what you’re capable of.

Below is a script that I use whenever I’m asked:
“Does coaching REALLY work?”

P.S. This will usually come from people
who haven’t experienced coaching yet.

If you serve people powerfully enough,
you’ll never get this question.

They know coaching works and have confidence
that time with you will be time well spent.
They don’t need an explanation because
they have an experience.

Occasionally, this question will come from a
superior, spouse, or sponsor who hasn’t
experienced the power of coaching
but is funding the coaching

This is one script I use to empower potential clients
to have powerful conversations with those
they may need approval from.

In this script, I use a specific example.
Have integrity, be honest, and
replace my examples with
your own.

If you don’t have any examples yet,
that’s okay! Simply skip that part
and go to the next paragraph.

P.S.S. Always pivot your answer at the end
to focus on what’s possible for them.
You’ll notice one way I do that on
the bottom of this script.

“Thank you. I get why you’re asking this question.
I could be totally wrong, but at the end of the day,
you probably want to make sure this is worth
your time, energy, and bottom line, and so
does those closest to you.

Let me be honest. Coaching works.

I worked with a client who had your same reservations.
She was an online entrepreneur who didn’t have the confidence to take action, settled for less money
than she deserved, and was on the verge of
giving up and finding a 9-5 job.

After working with me and fully committing
to the process, she found a renewed
confidence to pursue her dream,
gained the clarity to take the
right actions, and in 3 months,
after a lot of hard work,
made her first 3k sale.

In 2016, Forbes magazine discovered that
coaching was a 2 billion dollar industry.

There is big data proving the effects of powerful
coaching, which has lead to big businesses,
high-achieving entrepreneurs, and anyone
looking to fast-track their productivity
through accountability, encouragement
and healthy challenging have started
to seek out coaches.

I’ve emailed you some of the links to this big-data.
But more importantly, can I ask you a question?

What is your biggest dream, right now?
What else? What else? What else?


You tell me, was today’s session powerful?

What if, after you and I worked together,
you could get closer than you’ve ever
been to realizing that dream, and
actually achieve some of those
results you mentioned?

Is it possible?


If you’d like, I can take you through the process
I use with my clients to see if you and I can
work out some of these dreams.

Here’s how it works.

I’ll set aside 2-hours for you and I to just sit
and talk. During these two hours, we’ll go
over some of your greatest challenges,
and handle them for good.

How does that sound?

Let’s take out our calendars and set it up.

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