Your (Free) Executive Coaching Session

Here’s how it works.

I will set aside 2 hours just for you for an extraordinary coaching session. We’ll start out by discovering more about your greatest dreams and toughest challenges, followed by deep coaching to develop strong + creative solutions for long-term success.

Don’t worry, we’ll also have a ton of fun while you get armed with biblical principles that you can carry into your business. Schedule your call below.

Note: Most coaches only give “15 minute teasers” so they can sell you something. I don’t tease and I don’t sell.
I change lives…

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Media & Speaking Inquiries

Shawn is a passionate business & ministry speaker. With a powerful story of an abusive childhood, the power of restoration and second chances and in-audience exercises, your crowd will have no excuse to take massive action.

He brings years of experience in church conference production, so he knows the in’s and out’s of creating a powerful, life-changing event. 

Email him at: