[VIDEO] Get Over It & Start Taking Action


I don’t know about you, but  as a Christian Entrepreneur,
it sucks seeing so many christians in business paralyzed
by the lies of the enemy…

>> Intense Insecurity
>> Doubt
>> Confusion
>> Comparison
>> Perfectionism
>> Fear of Failure
>> Overwhelm
>> Anxiety

And can I be honest?
Until you deal with THIS stuff,
you’ll always feel two steps behind.

You’ll never step into your god-given calling,
or get the results you really want…

and you’ll always be trapped by a past
that continues to tell you “you’re not
good enough.” 

You & I both know God wants to do something
BIG through you and your business.

But before He can do anything >>through>> you,
He first has to do something >>in<< you.

That’s what this new video is all about:

To help you recognize EXACTLY how God
wants to use you and your business to
leave a legacy and create an impact
in the world around you.


P.S. I’ve been writing “The Ultimate Guide to Christian
Entrepreneurship – How To Work Your Grind, Walk In
Grace & Get Supernatural Results In Your Business”
Is that something you’d be interested in?
Let me know by posting in the
and typing “Hey Shawn, I Want The Book!”
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