I help extraordinary christians
achieve “impossible” goals.

I coach the chosen few.


I am an expert at taking christian entrepreneurs from around the U.S. to their greatest levels of success.


As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve extensively researched the question:


“How can we lead the next great revival as entrepreneurs for the kingdom of God?”


I have a deeply rooted belief that God is waiting for christian entrepreneurs to step into their rightful place as the greatest business leaders the world has ever seen.


Coaching is powerful and impactful. And I help my clients enter into new levels of business.


As a high-performer myself, I know there is always a better way.


So I find it, study it, and refine it. I have dedicated my time, money, and energy to perfecting my craft and continuously enhancing my art. I lead from the front. I study, read, research and explore more than my clients, so I can serve them extraordinarily.


But my deepest truth is that I lived a life feeling deeply powerless. Appearing confident on the outside, I was lacking real power.


Because of a tragic childhood filled with abuse, divorce, depression and suicide, I found myself trying to achieve as much as I could in my life to mask the pain.


I hid behind being busy. I saw the difference others were making and became envious because I never left my work feeling like it was good enough. 


Through massive restoration, a deep craving to make a difference, and a commitment to fulfilling my God-Given potential, I found breakthrough in vision, strategy, and mindset.


My weaknesses eventually became my greatest gifts in working with fellow high-achieving leaders.


You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing where other people are powerful – even when they can’t see it for themselves.


I am aware of and choose to live in this anointing. I find incredible energy and power in believing for people when they can’t believe for themselves.


I help extraordinary people achieve “impossible” goals.


If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.